Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Periodic Table Families - Chemistry HW

Group 1 (IA,IA): the alkali metals or lithium family
Group 2 (IIA,IIA): the alkaline earth metals or beryllium family
Group 3 (IIIA,IIIB): the scandium family
Group 4 (IVA,IVB): the titanium family
Group 5 (VA,VB): the vanadium family
Group 6 (VIA,VIB): the chromium family
Group 7 (VIIA,VIIB): the manganese family
Group 8 (VIII, VIIIB): the iron family
Group 9 (VIII, VIIIB): the cobalt family
Group 10 (VIII, VIIIB): the nickel family
 Group 11 (IB,IB): the coinage metals (not an IUPAC-recommended name) or copper family, noble metals
Group 12 (IIB,IIB): the zinc family
Group 13 (IIIB,IIIA): the boron family
Group 14 (IVB,IVA): the carbon family
  Group 15 (VB,VA): the pnictogens or nitrogen family
 Group 16 (VIB,VIA): the chalcogens or oxygen family
Group 17 (VIIB,VIIA): the halogens or fluorine family
Group 18 (Group 0, VIIIA): the helium family/neon family; noble gases; inert gases

**the elements in a group have similar configurations of the outermost electron shells of their atoms: as most chemical properties are dominated by the orbital location of the outermost electron. 

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