Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Table Comparing the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church - CL HW

Eastern Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Also known as
Orthodox Catholic Church ;
Orthodox Church
Western Church
Traced back
Byzantine or Roman empire

Church established by
St. Paul and the Apostles
Spiritual & temporal seat
Vatican in Rome
independent, with no central hierarchy
united under the Pope
Beliefs based on
-canons of the first seven ecumenical councils
- canons of several local or provincial councils, whose authority was recognized by the whole church
- Apostolic Canons
- canons of the Fathers" or selected extracts from prominent church leaders having canonical importance.
- Sacred Tradition interpreted by the Church's teaching authority and detailed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church
head of the Church
(successor of St. Peter )

take communion with both bread and wine
take only bread. 

use leavened bread in communion
use unleavened bread
fast on saturdays during Lent
fast during the entire period of Lent

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